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Super Nature

Made of Incredible Stuff Campaign

Made of Incredible Stuff Campaign

I had the pleasure of working on Super Nature Food’s “Made of Incredible Stuff” Campaign where the inspirational Turia Pitt was the ambassador. Turia’s story of survival and strength against seemingly unsurmountable odds has made her one of the most admired women in Australia, particularly among the primary target audience of women aged 24-45.

Having been told just a few years ago that she would never run let alone compete again, Turia had been invited to take part in the World Iron Man Championships in Kona Hawaii.

The campaign was launched via a limited burst of national outdoor activity, with billboards appearing in all major cities for a month. This was supported by full page ads in major women’s titles including Women’s Weekly, and Woman’s Day (who were running feature articles about her competing in Kona) and Woman’s Health.

At the same time the social media component went live featuring product specific carousel and video ads on face book and Instagram as well as inspirational brand messages from Turia. We also leveraged Turia’s social media following by including in her contract regular posts about the brand throughout the campaign period.

  Role:  Design and Artwork  Client:  Super Nature  Agency:  SHEDcsc

Role: Design and Artwork
Client: Super Nature
Agency: SHEDcsc